Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation for learning in the early years in a safe and caring environment that promotes the Cognitive, Social -Emotional and Physical development of all the children. 
Child development is naturally a holistic process. They will learn the best when their early school experience makes a strong and positive connection with their life.
In our school, we bring up toddlers into successful achievers. We focus more on Physical growth, Intellectual growth, and Personality development.

Online Learning Program for Our Kindergarten Students:

We would not want this COVID-19 Scenario to impact our little one’s learning. Hence, we have online program to meet our students learning and development needs. 

Pre-recorded instructional videos topic-wise by our educators are delivered in a virtual classroom setup. In the comfort and safety of your homes, children get to participate in whole lot of activities like mobility, manual and balance to strengthen large and small muscles. Listen to stories, sing rhymes to develop their imaginative and personal and emotional development. Also learn number concepts, develop reading skills and reasoning skills. Simple activities on self-help skills are also inclined. 

The curriculum in Art and Craft is simple, systematic and carefully graded to nurture and enhance the child’s capacity to visualize ideas. 

Grooming builds, the character and character builds the personality. At ISN every child is taken care individually by the dedicated faculty members who induce those children to inculcate the best of moral values and social etiquettes, which results in holistic growth of the children.


Students seeking admission must meet the requirements set by the school. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the successive classes.

Please see the Admission Guidelines for more information. For further enquiry please contact Indian School Nizwa - Administration department.

Registration of admission for new academic session 2023-'24

Registration Link :

"Due to shortage of seats available, the admission for other nationals are stopped for CLASSES II, IV, IX and XI (Science) for the academic year 2023 - '24"


Various teaching aids like audio visuals, specimens etc. are used in the day to day classroom teaching. Journals for all the subjects as well as around more than 1000 books are also available for reading in the library.

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