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The school library is part of our school’s teaching and learning environment. It provides resources and services that support students and staff. Our library’s resources, physical space, and staff have tremendous potential to make a difference to students’ achievement and their social and emotional well-being.
Our library is well equipped with books on different subjects and fictions written by a variety of authors. There is a good collection of exciting books like fairy tales, novels, poems, story books etc. Apart from these there are student reference books, magazines, encyclopedias, newspaper and many others. There are books for all ages and for all tastes. The books are well organized subject wise and category wise for easy access to the readers. Library provides resources to the children for different Competitions, Science Exhibition, projects and preparing different activities conducted in the school from time to time. Library has spacious reading area with comfortable furniture for effective reading. Students can borrow and take-home books and return them after they have finished reading. We have more than 12,000 books in our library.   



Our school laboratories are located in the ground and first storey of the school building. It comprises of four separate labs specified for three main branches of science ie. Physics, Chemistry and Biology and one for computers. Each lab is quite spacious to accommodate 24 students  at a time. The labs are well ventilated and have a good lighting arrangement. These are well electrified to meet student’s demands. The system is designed to cater for individual and group work.


In order to give an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts taught in class, the school has a very well designed, equipped and maintained Physics laboratory to nurture the inquisitive nature of the children.
The lab is furnished with teacher’s demonstration table with emergency eye wash facility, student’s workbenches with electrical connection, cabinets to store equipment, lab stools, projector and white board. To ensure the safety of students the lab is provided with fire extinguisher and safety kit. The lab is provided with all equipment and apparatus required for the smooth conduct of all experiments in the CBSE curriculum.


In order to foster scientific temperament and spirit of enquiry in students by letting them test and verify various theories and principles of chemistry, the school has a well-equipped, maintained, instrumented chemistry laboratory. The purpose is to impart elementary knowledge and basic practical techniques among the students. Here students enjoy to analyze various skills of chemistry Practical. The laboratory has all the basic equipment for preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples. The laboratory is furnished with projector, white board and demonstration table for a real-life learning experience.
The Lab is provided with the devices like- Fume hood, electronic weighing machine, Bunsen burners and centrifuge machine apart from the traditional glass equipment. To create a safe learning environment the school has made a concealed gas line and safety devices such as Firefighting equipment, First- Aid Kit etc . Safety goggles are provided as a primary protector to all the students. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate locked cupboards as a further precautionary measure. The students are provided with separate workstations with individual burners, drawers and cupboards. 


Our Biology laboratory is equipped with the most modern, standard and sophisticated equipment like inbuilt light source microscopes, water-bath, glass apparatus, chemicals, good collection of specimens, permanent slides, models, Charts etc. The laboratory is furnished with projector, white board and demonstration table for a real-life learning experience. To create a safe learning environment the school has made a concealed gas line and safety devices such as Firefighting equipment, Eye wash etc. Biology lab has the capacity to accommodate 20 students at a time to do the experiments.


In this era, where technology has become an integral part of our day to day activities, it has become a necessity that our children be exposed to the benefits of adopting technology as part of their education.
ISN computer lab is equipped with more than 45 computers that provide sufficient possibilities for hands on experience to students in the ratio 1:1 from Classes I to XII under the supervision of qualified teachers. The computers in the School lab have been upgraded with appropriate software to enable students to compile and run programs as per the syllabus. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students to get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their presentations.


Admission for new academic session 2024-'25'.

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Please Note : Admission for the new academic session have started from 15 Nov 2023 and will continue till 1 Feb 2024.


Students seeking admission must meet the requirements set by the school.

Please see the Admission Guidelines for more information.
For further enquiry please contact Indian School Nizwa - Administration department.


Various teaching aids like audio visuals, specimens etc. are used in the day to day classroom teaching. Journals for all the subjects as well as around more than 1000 books are also available for reading in the library.

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