School Uniform


1. Students should always be dressed in the prescribed School Uniform or Sports dress, whichever applicable.

2. Informal dress is permitted only on child's birthday or whenever permitted by the school on any special occasions. During such days the students should dress modestly.

3. All the buttons, except the collar button of the shirt should be fastened.

4. Clothes and shoes, not of the school pattern or in any way unsuitable, will not be allowed.

5. Students should be in full uniform with polished shoes and neatly ironed dress.

6. All boys must have short haircut (side burns and long hair, mushroom cut or crew cut are forbidden). Beard or stubble is not permitted.

7. Girls with long hair should plait their hair. (2 sided plaits or single). Ponytail is allowed for shorter hair. Colouring of hair and loose hair are prohibited.


BOYS – Classes I to XII


Class I & II :          Knee length Navy Blue SHORTS.
Class III to XII :    Navy Blue FORMAL long trousers.

                              Note: Baggy/ low waist/ pencil fit/ leg hugging trousers are not allowed.

Shirt :                  White (short sleeved ONLY). All boys should compulsorily wear PLAIN white cotton vest                                      (sleeveless or short sleeved only).

Belt :                      School provided

Shoes :                  Black leather with laces only ( Velcro is allowed for classes I to IV )

Socks :                  White (calf length/ Knee length)

PE DAY UNIFORM :         

Classes I - IV :    White and Navy Blue uniform on all weekdays.
Class V to XII :    House T-Shirts, White, loose, formal PE long pants, school belt, white canvas/ sports shoes and white socks.

SWEATER (All Classes) :    Navy blue, 'V' neck jumper (sleeveless/ full sleeved with school LOGO)

GIRLS - Classes I to VIII

Frock :         Formal, Navy Blue, 4- inch continuous BOX pleated with square neck and with 2 side loops for the school belt.

Length:               The frock should reach 3 inches below knee with 3" machine stitched hemming.                                                    (Frock should not have sleeves, stiched at sides like frock but sufficiently loose.)

Shirt :                  Short sleeved WHITE only (Full sleeve OPTIONAL).                                                                                                                    All girls should compulsorily wear PLAIN white cotton slips/ camisole/ petticoat (Full sleeve                                is permitted).

Belt :                    School provided

Shoes :                Black leather, Slip-on type with single strap. (High heels not permitted)

Socks :                White (Calf length)

Tights & Slack :  Medium tights (dark colour) is compulsory. Slack (Optional).           

Scarf                     Only white scarf/ Hijab is allowed

PE DAY UNIFORM           

Class V to VIII :    House T-Shirts, White PE skirt, 3-inch continuous Box pleated with 6 loops at the sides for the schoolbelt. The skirt should reach 3 inches below knee.

                 School belt, white canvas/sports shoes and white socks

Class I to IV :        White and Navy Blue school uniform on all weekdays.

SWEATER :           School provided, Navy Blue, "V' neck cardigan (sleeveless/ full sleeved)

                                           GIRLS - Classes IX to XII


Kameez :           Navy Blue, Short sleeves above the elbow and round neck only.
                           Should be sufficiently loose to support PE activities. 
                          (Tight fit is not permitted)
                          Kameez should reach 3 inches below knee.
                          Slit: 20 - 30 cm (maximum)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Full sleeves : OPTIONAL. (3/4 Sleeve not permitted).

Salwar :             White. 1-inch knife pleated and loose. 1-inch thick stitched border around ankles.

              Note: Leggings/ Churi-bottoms not permitted

Dupatta :            Cotton, with 4-inch flat folds, pinned to the shoulders in to a ‘V’ shape in front of the chest.

Shoes :               Black leather. - Slip-on type with single strap. (High heels not permitted)

Socks                  White (Calf length)

Scarf                    Only white scarf/ Hijab is allowed.


                            House T-Shirts to be worn over kameez, white salwar with white canvas/ sports shoes and white socks.

SWEATER :        Navy blue, 'V' neck cardigan (sleeveless/ full sleeved)

Any genuine issue/ difficulty with regard to the school uniform may be brought to the notice of class teacher/ VP/ Principal.


“High uniform standards are indicative of the high standards that a school possesses.

The uniform is part of a school’s identity and a student’s pride.”



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